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Naked Roots Botanicals

Herbal remedies that elevate your glow.


About Naked Roots

Naked Roots brings nature, beauty and health into harmony. All of Naked Roots natural healing products use the highest quality herbs, raw butters, medicinal mushrooms, and pure essential oils.

I promise to deliver products with purity, effectiveness and health in mind. Passionately dedicated to holistic living, Naked Roots believes what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in your body. I use the power of plant allies to help your skin thrive.

So treat your skin as well as you treat the rest of your body and soul! Naked Roots delivers innovative products our own families use daily. Your skin is in good hands.


“I have been using for about 10 months. I use it to minimize wrinkles.

It makes my face really smooth. I love the smell and the consistency of the product. It  can also be  used under makeup. Sometimes I use it  to soften my hands and feet. Love the product and I would highly recommend the mushroom medicine. It was given to me as a gift. I always keep in my purse and use another application under my eyes for extra hydration.”

-Liz Munoz

"I'm absolutely in love with this product. It’s the only moisturizer that i use on my face. Period. I’ll use it on my feet when they get dry and also massage it into my lymph nodes, which is important and i love that it reminds me to do so. 

Ive been using this stuff for 2...heck maybe even 3 or more years and haven’t looked back! I have gifted it to every woman in my immediate family and gotten very happy reactions from all of them, some even asking for more! 

The first time i used this product, i was shocked when i looked in the mirror the next morning. I seriously looked 5 years younger. Hooked. Lol. Same thing happens when ever i take any kind of break from using it (like in the summer when i don’t need much facial moisturizer). I really just love the way it absorbs and sets into my skin and it smells so good. It’s always so nice when you can find an all natural product that really works! You really can feel the love in this wonderful product. 100% recommend!!!"

-Carrie Carranza

“I love Mushroom Magic! I searched and searched and searched for a lotion I could use on my daughter and couldn’t find anything due to the ingredients. Then I found this! I love it!  Used it on my daughter and she loved it too!  Now it is one of my must have products.”

-Candace Dietrich

"As an owner of a wellness boutique, I get to try a variety of skin care products and Mushroom Medicine is by far one of my favorites! I’ve been using it everyday on my face and neck for about a month. I’ve noticed the texture of my skin is much smoother and there is a new suppleness to my skin that I love! The ingredients are amazing and it smells good too. I actually look forward to hydrating my face with this lovely balm, which is helpful for keeping on track with any skin care routine. Highly recommend this product to anyone, but especially those of us in our 30s and 40s looking for a deep moisturizing experience!"

-Lauren Hess 

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Meet Cassandra

The Naked Roots journey began in 2012 when I was pregnant with my first child, Orion, and started reading the labels of everyday skin products. I was shocked at the harmful toxins most beauty products contained. As the largest organ, our skin serves as the primary protective layer of our entire body; it absorbs and expels elements to maintain our body's balance and health.


With few options available, I was inspired to create non-toxic, natural skin products for myself and my baby. Hoping to share them with the world, I began making soap, breast butters and immune boosting essential oil roll-ons. These were soon followed by herbal muscle rubs, mushroom face and neck salves and a variety of essential oil perfumes.

Today at Naked Roots, I regularly incorporate new knowledge from the natural world that promotes beauty, health and balance. Naked Roots Botanicals brings restorative skin harmony from my conscious hands to yours. From fertile ground roots take growth.  

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